Our Office (MS 337A)


Our office and club room is a super cute space in the Mathematical Sciences building where you can unwind after a long class, hang out with your peers, or study for that test. We will attempt to follow a 9-5 schedule weekdays, during the Fall/Winter semesters of the University of Calgary school year. We do our absolute best to assure we are open as much as possible during these hours, however, please note that our office hours depend on our volunteers and sometimes the office hours may change without notice.

Our Next events


Monday, September 26th @4-7PM

SUM-C Club Room (MS 337A)

SUM-C Games Night


Come hang out with us and the grad students in the club room for an evening of games and jokes! We have a selection of games brought by the Executive Team, and attendees are encouraged to bring their own as well. Come join your peers, meet new friends, and have a good time! 

Who Are We?

The Society of Undergraduate Mathematics Calgary (SUM-C) is the official undergraduate club for the University of Calgary Department of Mathematics and Statistics.


New to the University of Calgary? Welcome! Send us an email at sumc@ucalgary.ca indicating that you'd like to join our community! 


Coming Soon

Club Room (MS 337A)



Math Jams are a chance for us to meet and discuss topics in math. Stay tuned for the announcement of the next Math Jam!


Contact Us!


The Society of Undergraduate Mathematics is part of the University of Calgary. Our office is located in MS 337A in the Mathematical Sciences Building on the 3rd Floor.

(403) 220-3940

Mathematical Sciences 337A

2500 University Dr NW

Calgary, AB  T2N 1N4






Looking for a study buddy? Want to hang out or talk about some mathematics or statistics you're working on? The SUM-C room is always open at these hours, so you can always come find us.



Join our Discord to stay in touch, keep up to date on events (Room Hours, Game Nights, Seminars, and more), and to keep social. Someone is always online, and we have a great community of people. Join today. Just click the icon to begin. See you there.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10am Nestor Nestor
11am Koz Alvee Rose Alvee Koz
12pm Emma Rose Alvee Ben
1pm Mohamed Emma Mohamed Ben
2pm Blake Blake
3pm Alvee
4pm Taha Taha

Our Team


Each year, the Society elects a new President and Vice-Presidents, as well as appoints Representatives to be the Directors of the club at the end of each Winter Semester. If you are interested in participating in helping out SUM-C for the school year or joining our team, please let us know.


The SUM-C Directors

(Fall 2022/ Winter 2023)

gallery/sumc profile - rose

Rose Muhammed

Mohamed Tlili

Blake Whiting

Ben Frey

Vice-President Events

Ben is an undergraduate student in mathematics interested in number theory, combinatorics, and algebra. He also enjoys spending time in nature, cooking, listening to and playing music, and reading fantasy novels. Join him during his office hours to talk about math, dogs, music, or anything else!

Vice-President Communications

George is an undergraduate student in mathematics with interests in analysis, topology and aerospace.


Come join him to talk about anything from math to conspiracy theories while you both study/procrastinate!


Vice-President Finance
Mohamed is a fourth year undergrad student pursuing a combined degree in Math and Ancient & Medieval History. 
He is very passionate about all things math, especially discussing crazy and mindblowing theorems! 
Hobbies include long walks, reading novels (especially classics!), studying anything minutely interesting, and videogames from time to time.



Rose is a fourth-year undergraduate Math and Computer Science student. She is passionate about diversity in STEM and the role of mathematics in healthcare.  Come join her at office hours! Whether it’s about math, life, or punny Dad jokes, she's down to chat.




Emma Johnson

Nestor Mendoza


Taha Hedayat


Taha is a 3rd-year student majoring in mathematics, and minoring in music. He is currently interested in graph theory, cryptography, number theory, and any form of visual mathematics. He loves listening to and playing music, playing games, socializing, debating, etc! See him during his office hours to chat, do some cool maths, or to crack a few jokes (he loves hearing them)!


Vice-President Academics

Emma is a sixth year undergraduate student taking a combined degree in mathematics and physics. They are passionate about both learning and research and spends most of her time outside of university learning new things or playing games. Emma is looking forward to helping other students navigate and thrive at university wherever their academic interests take them. Come talk with her about math, physics, puzzles, or sci-fi!


Nestor is an undergraduate student in mathematics interested in Linear Algebra and Group theory. He also enjoys spending time playing chess, playing guitar and reading a good book. Join him during his office hours to talk about math, chess, soccer or anything else!



I'm Koz, a math major studying math finance. I joined the dark side for cookies. Always happy to help if you have questions about Calc or Math 271 Hobbies: Hip hop and video games.


Who Are We?



The Society of Undergraduate Mathematics Calgary (SUM-C) is your official undergraduate club of the University of Calgary Department of Mathematics and Statistics.



This is the official website for the longest-lasting undergraduate math club in the city and your place to find all the information you need.


Our mission is to explore new dimensions, to seek out new theories, and new numbers; To boldly go where no mathematician has gone before. We provide a radical environment to meet new people, study intensely, or snag a power nap after a super long class! Also, we can point you in the direction of a math tutor to help you succeed, or a textbook with a different angle of approach. Finally, we publish an almost weekly newsletter filled with awesome events and announcements that could spice up your life.


Whatever your heart desires, we might have it. So join us!


Vice-President Communications

Blake is a fourth year undergraduate student in Mathematics. It was originally a second choice, but ever since their first proofs class they've been hooked! Come to their office hours to talk about abstract algebra, space, dinosaurs, or anything else you can do a Wikipedia deep dive on.











Alvee is an undergraduate student pursuing a Mathematics Degree. He enjoys following soccer, listening to British rap and watching films and shows. Stop by during his office hours to discuss anything or to do a try not to laugh challenge.








Review Sessions, Tutors, Exam Packs, and Math Links


We offer some fantastic resources all aimed at helping you succeed. Other than our club room and math library, here are some other helpful resources:


Our final exam review sessions are curated with profs and TA's throughout the department to assure the best study material to help you succeed. Our list of well-reputed tutors will be able to help you keep on top of that class and teach you the skills you need to not stress over marks. Our exam packages are packed with extra practise questions to test the knowledge we know you have. And, we also host online math help chat rooms so that you can get help from peers, opening the doors to new ideas and methods to solve the trickiest of problems.


If you need help with math, or you just want to stay on top of those few classes, give us a call and we'll do our best to get you the resources you need to succeed. 

Review Sessions


We offer final exam Review Sessions for the following classes:

  • MATH 211 - Linear I
  • MATH 249 - University Calculus
  • MATH 265 - Calculus I
  • MATH 267 - Calculus II
  • STAT 213 - Intro to Statistics I
  • STAT 217 - Intro to Statistics II

Check out our Review Sessions page for more information. 

Tutor Information


We at SUM-C want you to succeed in mathematics more than anyone, except for maybe yourself. With that in mind, we know a lot of people who love math and a lot of people who are good at teaching it. if you need some extra help don't wait until it's too late and let us know. We will do our best to set you up with well-practiced, reputable, and respectable tutors who also want you to succeed. 

If interested, please contact SUM-C if you would like to be referred to a tutor. Our list of tutors can help you in the following subjects:


  • High School Mathematics
  • Linear Algebra (I, II, and III)
  • Calculus (I, II, and III)
  • Statistics
  • Advanced Mathematics Courses

Alternatively, the Student Union offers access to a tutor bank, and there is additional tutoring for Haskayne students and student-athletes for first-year math courses.

For peer help find us on Discord and join our math help chat rooms. These chat rooms are filled with people who love math and are willing to help you find a solution. They might just be able to show you a trick or two, or maybe you'll be the one tutoring. You never know. 

Exam Packages


Being a math club for so long means that you acquire a lot of information over the years. We have an extensive library of questions and solutions for a number of University level math courses.


You may think that old questions aren't a good resource but, what's been taught in math hasn't changed in quite a while.


Questions of the past contain the same methods as the ones seen today in your exams.


SUM-C Scholarship


Since 1999, we've sponsored a $500 scholarship for undergraduate students that are members of our club. It's our goal this academic year to permanently impact the student experience by endowing our scholarship. If you have any questions about our scholarship, then please send us an email or consult the below webpage.







Award description


  • Offered annually to a continuing undergraduate student in the Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Academic merit
  • Member of the Society of Calgary Undergraduate Mathematics.




gallery/k.adams - sept 21

The ‘SUM-C Summer Seminar’ is for undergraduate students to practice presentation skills, share something that interests them, and to hear from others interested in math. This is a fantastic way to learn or practice valuable presentation skills in three unique formats which can be put into a CV. Presentations can focus on your research project, or any topic you believe others would be interested in hearing about. You can also use this as an opportunity to prepare for conferences and to build confidence in presenting. Above all, the Seminar is open to all and fun for everyone who enjoys math!

Dates To Remember:

Stay tuned for more details on when to apply.


Talks are TBD.

Check back later!

Our Next Talks

Stay tuned for more details!

Social Media 


Connect with us on Discord, Twitter, and Facebook!


Our SUM-C Discord is an online mathematics community where you can ask questions, socialize, and share in our passion for mathematics.

SUM-C Event Calendar


Review Sessions


The Society of Undergraduate Mathematics, for years, has been working closely with your professors, TA’s, and the Faculty to bring you the most on-point and relevant final exam review session for your class. The review session material will attempt to cover everything you’ve learned in the course and highlight key topics that you’ll see on your final. Our review sessions are open to all members of SUMC and memberships can be purchased at the review session for $10 (pay once and get ALL review sessions included and member perks).

Review Sessions will be posted in Fall 2020! 

Join our mailing list to stay updated.




The Society of Undergraduate Mathematics - Calgary has been able to exist for as long as it has because of our members!


Our membership is packed full of amazing people from all walks of life. We openly welcome everyone to join the club, no matter what degree you're in or which university you attend, we welcome everyone. And although we offer some great resources with no membership necessary, membership does have it's perks. 

It’s easy to become a member of SUM-C.  A $10 donation grants membership to the SUMC and a donation can be made during our office hours in MS 337A or through our donation page.

Membership Perks

- Review packages with complete solutions (at a discount)
- Exam bank and math library
- Study and hangout space
- Video games and board games
- Events organized by SUM-C
- Final Exam Review Sessions
- Kitchenette, coffee, and tea
- Computer and printing

What are you waiting for? Come join the longest-lasting undergraduate math club in town! 




SUM Newsletter is a publication filled with department, Students' Union, and Club announcements upcoming events, seminars, and lectures happening on-campus or around Calgary, and it even has a math joke or problem to solve inside! SUM Newsletter is free for everyone and it's easy to subscribe and have it sent to your email. Simply send us a message through any of our social media, send us an email, or visit us on campus to subscribe.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or relevant content you'd like to submit, send us an email. 







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Please leave us a note (click the checkbox) including your name, ucalgary email address, and UCID when signing up for a membership!