Our Office (MS 337A)


Our office and club room is a super cute space in the Mathematical Sciences building where you can unwind after a long class, hang out with your peers, or study for that test. We will attempt to follow a 9-5 schedule weekdays, during the Fall/Winter semesters of the University of Calgary school year. We do our absolute best to assure we are open as much as possible during these hours, however, please note that our office hours depend on our volunteers and sometimes the office hours may change without notice. 


Unfortunately, our office remains closed due to the ongoing health emergency. In its place, we are always online on our Discord channel to chat and we run Virtual Office Hours throughout the week! 

Our Next Seminar


Monday October 19, 4 - 5pm

Hosted on Zoom  


Our Next event


SUM-C Games Night

Hosted on Zoom  





Friday October 16, 7pm

Who Are We?

The Society of Undergraduate Mathematics Calgary (SUM-C) is the official undergraduate club for the University of Calgary Department of Mathematics and Statistics.


New to the University of Calgary? Welcome! Send us an email at sumc@ucalgary.ca indicating that you'd like to join our community!