Our Office (MS 337A)


Our office, and club roo is a super cute space in the Mathematical Sciences building where you can unwind after a long class, hang out with your peers, or study for that test. We will attempt to follow a 9-5 schedule weekdays, during the Fall/Winter semesters of the University of Calgary school year. We do our absolute best to assure we are open as much as possible during these hours, however, please note that our office hours depend on our volunteers and sometimes the office hours may change without notice. 


Unfortunartely, our office remains closed due to the ongoing health emergency. In its place we are always online on our Discord channel to chat and we run Virtual Office Hours throughout the week! 

Our Next Seminar


Monday June 29, 3 - 4pm

Hosted on Zoom  


Our Next event


SUM-C + PASA Games Night

Hosted on Zoom  


Speaker: Dr. Edward Doolittle


What is Indigenous Mathematics? Viewing & Discussion


ABSTRACT: We will start by watching a talk where Dr. Doolittle will share his perspective on Indigenous mathematics. Next, we will listen to his interview with CBC on how residential schools impacted him, and then we will discuss what we've learned. Edward Doolittle is a Mohawk from Six Nations in southern Ontario. He earned his PhD in pure mathematics at the University of Toronto in 1997, and later studied the Mohawk language for a year in the Onkwawenna Kentyohkwa immersion program in Six Nations. He has taught mathematics, math education, and Indigenous studies at the University of Toronto, York University, Six Nations Polytechnic, Queen’s University, Confederation College, the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College, and the University of Regina. He is currently Associate Professor of Mathematics at First Nations University, where his research interests are Indigenous mathematics, including Indigenous statistics and Indigenous mathematics education, and pure mathematics. He lives in Regina, Saskatchewan with his wife

Friday July 3, 6 - 10pm

Who Are We?

The Society of Undergraduate Mathematics Calgary (SUM-C) is the official undergraduate club for the University of Calgary Department of Mathematics and Statistics.