The Society of Undergraduate Mathematics - Calgary has been able to exist for as long as it has because of our members!


Our membership is packed full of amazing people from all walks of life. We openly welcome everyone to join the club, no matter what degree you're in or which university you attend, we welcome everyone. And although we offer some great resources with no membership necessary, membership does have it's perks. 

It’s easy to become a member of SUM-C.  A $10 donation grants membership to the SUMC and a donation can be made during our office hours in MS 337A or through our donation page.

Membership Perks

- Review packages with complete solutions (at a discount)
- Exam bank and math library
- Study and hangout space
- Video games and board games
- Events organized by SUM-C
- Final Exam Review Sessions
- Kitchenette, coffee, and tea
- Computer and printing

What are you waiting for? Come join the longest-lasting undergraduate math club in town!