Our Team


Each year, the Society elects a new President and Vice-Presidents, as well as appoints Representatives to be the Directors of the club at the end of each Winter Semester. If you are interested in participating in helping out SUM-C for the school year or joining our team, please let us know.


The SUM-C Directors

(Fall 2020/ Winter 2021)

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Sarah Hatcher

Kaitlin Adams

George Smith

Justin DesRochers

Vice-President Events

Justin is a 4th year math student with a particular interest in algebra, analysis, and category theory. He likes music, jokes, DnD, and other games.


During his office hours Justin will be available to talk about math or non-math. He likes helping people so feel free to ask him about anything. 

Vice-President Communications

George is an undergraduate student in mathematics with interests in analysis, topology and aerospace.


Come join him to talk about anything from math to conspiracy theories while you both study/procrastinate!


Vice-President Finance

Kaitlin is a 4th year Ecology student that is interested in conservational biology.  She enjoys rugby and most water sports. 


Sarah is an undergraduate math and computer science student with research interests in machine learning, artificial intelligence, topological data analysis, and data science. She cares deeply about advocating for an equitable future, and sharing the beauty of logic, math, and CPSC.


Come talk with her about logic, math, computer science, or Star Trek! 



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Riley Baker

Matthew McArthur

Kazim Osman

Noor (Rose) Muhammad


Rose is a second-year undergraduate Math student. She is passionate about youth STEM outreach and the role of mathematics in healthcare. Outside of academics, she enjoys gardening and watercolour painting.


Come join her at office hours! Whether it’s about math, life, or punny Dad jokes, she's down to chat.



Jonathan Choi

Mohamar Rios Flores


Jonathan is majoring in Chemistry. However, he also has interests in computer science, politics, and mathematics.  


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Steven Harder

Steven is a first-year undergrad with a love of absurdism who dreams of one day being able to count past four.  His hobbies include D&D, MTG, video games, martial arts, climbing, and endlessly cycling between fixing my computers and ‘optimizing’ them.

Graduate Student Advisor

Mohamar is a graduate student in mathematics with a background in mathematics and computer science. He has been involved with this organization for 7 years. His research interests include logic, category theory, and mathematical foundations. He also likes design, baking, and thrash metal.


Mo is down to talk about math, logic, computer science, art, games, and social equity. Come study and hang out with Mo!  

Vice-President Academics

Riley is a 3rd year Philosophy major who is also trying to puruse a minor in mathematics. Fields on interest inlcude the the foundations of math and logic, category theory, abstract algebra and category theory. In philosophy, existentialism, justice theory, and the philosophy of language are key interests. Come join office hours to talk about any of these things,and anything else besides.


Matthew is a former club executive, who is passionate about architecture and the social aspects of society. Their passion for mathematics lies in everything, that is the presence of mathematics in almost every aspect of life. 



Kazim is majoring in Math Finance, Minoring in Comp Sci.
His hobbies include video games and hip hop. He is here as a rep to help the club and learn math.

Who Are We?



The Society of Undergraduate Mathematics Calgary (SUM-C) is your official undergraduate club of the University of Calgary Department of Mathematics and Statistics.



This is the official website for the longest-lasting undergraduate math club in the city and your place to find all the information you need.


Our mission is to explore new dimensions, to seek out new theories, and new numbers; To boldly go where no mathematician has gone before. We provide a radical environment to meet new people, study intensely, or snag a power nap after a super long class! Also, we can point you in the direction of a math tutor to help you succeed, or a textbook with a different angle of approach. Finally, we publish an almost weekly newsletter filled with awesome events and announcements that could spice up your life.


Whatever your heart desires, we might have it. So join us!


Vice-President Communications

George is an undergraduate student in mathematics with interests in analysis, topology and aerospace.

Office hours description: Come join me and talk about anything from math to conspiracy theories while we study/procrastinate.