SUM-C Team


Every year, the Society elects a new President, Vice-Presidents, and appoints Representatives to the Executive at the end of every Winter Semester. If you are interested in participating in helping out SUM-C for the school year or joining the Executive team, please let us know.


The SUM-C Executives

(Fall 2019/Winter 2020)


Sarah Hatcher

Sarah Hatcher is an honours CPSC and Mathematics student that is also getting a data science minor. Sarah loves LaTeXing documents, advocating for women in STEM, learning cool mathematics, exploring data, running long distances, and listening to music. 







Vice President Finance:

Matthew McArthur

Name: Matthew; Degree: undecided between Urban Studies and Mathematics; This: just the tip of the iceberg of my intriguingness.


Vice President Events:

Justin Desrochers

I'm Justin, VP Events. I like jokes, games, and solving problems. If I could have an super power, it'd be the ability to teach anything to anyone, YAY learning!

Graduate Student Advisor:

Mohamar Rios Flores

Mohamar is a graduate student in mathematics with a background in mathematics and computer science. He has been involved with this organization for 6 years. His research interests include logic, category theory, and mathematical foundations. He also likes design, baking, and thrash metal.


Vice President External:

Riley Baker

Resident philosophy major and occasionally doing actual maths.





Cody Morrison

Hi, my name is Cody. I am a pure math and computer science major. I am interested in foundational mathematics.


George Smith

Hey everyone! I'm George, I like math and I never learned how to read.


Jonathan Choi

Jon is adept at computer science and chemistry. His interests include technology and current events.


Kazim Osman

I'm Kazim Osman, I'm a 5th year in Math Finance. I joined the dark side of math; they had cookies and cool suits. My hobbies are video games, rapping, listening to hip hop, and taking long walks on the beach plotting world domination.


Serenity Wellman

Good day, I am Serenity. I am a 4th year pure math student


Vice President Internal:

Kaitlin Adams

Hi! My name is Kaitlin, I am a 3rd year Ecology student that is interested in conservational biology.  I enjoy rugby and most water sports.


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