If you would like to give a talk, please contact us at sumc@ucalgary.ca. Please include your name, two preferred speaking dates, a title, an abstract, and `ABSTRACT’ in the subject line of your email. We will respond as soon as possible. We are currently scheduling talks from October 5th to the end of the Fall Semester.


Our seminar is currently being run online through Zoom and many of the talks will be posted online. 


Our Next Seminar


Mondaz, September 21, 4 - 5pm

Hosted on Zoom  


Speaker: Kaitlin Adams: Multi-Scale Habitat Selection Modelling and Scale Optimization


ABSTRACT: Habitat selection modelling uses existing data to create predictive models of populations, used primarily in the field of landscape ecology. These predictive models can be crucial in conservational efforts. We will perform a literature review of "Multi-Scale Habitat Selection Modelling: a review and outlook" by McGarigal et al. In particular, we will discuss what is multi-scale habitat selection model with scale optimization, how is it implemented, and go through an example created for European wildcat conservation.

its new!

SUM-C is very proud to announce that we are now hosting a new undergraduate seminar for mathematics and statistics undergraduate students to showcase their research. If you wish to hear what your peers are currently researching join us every Monday at 3:00pm. The seminar will feature two students speaking for 25 minutes or one student speaking for 50 minutes. 

Past Winter + S/S 2020 Seminars


March 30 - Justin Desrochers. "Breaking Symmetry of Graphs - With Colour" 

April 6 - Sarah Hatcher. "Computational Reverse Mathematics: The Big Five, Computability Theory, and You!" 

June 1 - Justin Desrochers. "Sheaves and Presheaves Made Simple-ish" 

June 8 - Alexandra Mossman. "Application of the Minimum Profile Hellinger Distance Estimation to Leukemia Gene Selection" [Video]

June 15 - George Smith, "An Introduction to Chaos: Smale’s (Chaotic) Horseshoe" [Video]

June 22 - Riley Baker. "The Language-Syntax Adjunction, or Why Monads Are Just Monoids In the Category of Endofunctors"   [Video]

June 29: Indigenous Mathematics Viewing & Discussion - "What is Indigenous Mathematics?"

July 6: George Smith, "An Introduction to Chaos: Smale’s (Chaotic) Horseshoe - Part 2"

gallery/k.adams - sept 21